Product & Service Testimonials

Excellent product and excellent service. That's definitely something to be said about a company today.
~ Kay H.

I can't imagine working on a waterproofing project without Aegis.  Their technical support was with me every step of the way to make sure things went well.
~ Greg M.

I was immediately impressed with the product and started to dream of all the possibilities and applications I could use it for! Not to mention the customer service from Pond Armor. Customer service is a lost art, very few companies implement it in any way shape or form..
~ John S.

Thank you for helping me solve a rather difficult problem rather easily! To be honest, I don't know how I could have solved this problem without your product.
~ Mike G.

All I can say is it's incredible! It just makes things so much more easy when you find a company that has nice people and an excellent product.  We considered other products and even contacted pool companies but none of them had anything worthwhile. We love your product!
~ Sheryl R.

That is some amazing stuff. I put some on a piece of flagstone here in the shop and came in this morning. I and a couple of my guys whacked that stuff with a screw driver and tried to chip it off of the stone and it wouldn't come off. I took the remainder out of the mixing jar and it was hard but still flexible..
~ Steve W.